Lunch and Drinks at The People’s Park Tavern

The After Party will be held from 12:00 p.m. onwards at the People’s Park Tavern Pub, 360 Victoria Park Rd, E9 7BT (@peoplestavern on Instagram)

This year, we are expecting over 1000 runners and visitors, and this means lunch queues may be longer than usual. For this reason, the lovely kitchen staff at the pub has offered us the following:

  1. Pride Run will have exclusive use of the kitchen between 12 pm – 1 pm, during which time, the kitchen staff will make a head start on 300 pre-orders while you’re running
  2. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, you can pick up your medal and goody bag and head over to the pub before 1 pm, where you would show your payment receipt to claim your meal and drink

After 1 pm,  the kitchen staff will process orders for Pride Runners and also the general public, as they are received only from their regular menu. (and there may still be a few delays, but not as bad as you’d expect if 1000 of us were ordering all at once!) Please do try and get in your order through this offer, if you think you’ll be able to get to the pub before 1 pm

To pre-order your food and drink, click on this link.

Once you have made a payment, don’t forget to bring a printout of your order (or save the confirmation email on your mobile phone to show it to us.)

The cost of this meal deal is £12 and available to everyone taking part in the race

Deadline to place orders:  6th August.

Please note: The pub will not accept any more meal deals after this date or on the day of the run!

Menu options: (burger + chips + drink)

  • Chilli & Garlic Seitan Burger (Vegan)
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Burger
  • Free range cajun spiced chicken burger
  • Scotch Beef Burger


  • Can of Beer (Lager/Pale Ale/IPA)
  • House wine
  • Non-alcoholic drink

In addition to the main bar, there will also be a craft beer shed.

After Party: hosted by Dr Sharon Husbands

Dr Sharon Husbands is everyone’s favourite drag know-it-all. With a Paks wig and a PhD, she can can basically do anything.

Dr Husbands began her career in the Lower East Side of Manhattan but ran away to London to become herself.

She runs The Haus of Husbands with The Duchess of Pork: an events company that produces Naked Boys Reading, Tall Gay Agenda London, Dragersize and the drag-ony aunt advice brunch Ask Dr Shaz!

She doesn’t know everything but she loves to tell people what to do.


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